Do you want to improve your home's curb appeal with a new roof, but you don't know where to start? A properly installed roof will guarantee your home protection from harsh conditions. It also improves your home's energy efficiency and market value.

As you consider how important a roof is to your property, you need to work with a professional Kansas City roofing contractor. The contractor will help you with installation, replacement, repairs, and maintenance work.

While you may be tempted to do it yourself, you may end up with lesser-quality roofing. It will also cost you more money fixing mistakes made if you are not qualified for the job. The seven tips discussed below will help you hire the right roofing contractor for your home:

Get Local Referrals

Ask your neighbors or friends about the roofers they hired in the past. However, be careful about biased referrals when looking for a residential roofer. Double-check their credentials before considering them for your home improvement project.

Local roofing contractors are conversant with your local building codes and requirements. They may also have partnerships with local roofing suppliers to keep the costs low.

It’s also easier to find a local roofer than an out-of-state one. Consider hiring a contractor with a local phone number and physical office to reach them easily.

Review Their Past Work

Online customer reviews can give you a glimpse into a contractor’s past work. Look at Yelp company profiles or Google reviews of a roofing contractor referral you got. Most reviews are unbiased and may help you assess the quality of work done by a particular contractor.

You may ask the roofer to link you to their past customers to inquire about their past work. Pay close attention to the language/tone used by previous customers in the testimonials or reviews. Complaints and claims of dissatisfaction may imply that the contractor isn't qualified enough to work on your home.

The roofing company should assure you that their licensed employees will handle the job. Ask questions regarding the expertise and credentials of these workers before they are sent to your home.

Check Their License and Insurance

Check with your state's roofing licensing board to determine whether the roofer has a valid license. An unlicensed contractor may not guarantee quality roofing services when hired. Ask them to provide a copy of their license and confirm the credentials online to ensure they are legit and up-to-date.

You are protected against poor-quality workmanship and unethical practices when you hire a licensed roofing contractor. The contractor should also have secured funds to afford the required roofing materials for your project.

Hire a roofer with a valid insurance policy that covers all employees attached to the company. The insurance also assures you that the legal and financial burden of an injury will lie on the roofer.

Research Their BBB (Better Business Bureau) Rating

Look at the roofer’s Better Business Bureau ratings to determine their trustworthiness. The BBB website also reports scams or frauds linked to a company you want to hire. The ratings are given by genuine customers who interacted with the company in question.

If the contractor has any complaints on the BBB website, check whether they made any effort to resolve them. You should also assess the methods they use to handle customer feedback, whether it's positive or negative.

Get At Least Two Estimates

Avoid choosing a roofing company based on their pricing even when you have a tight budget. Most roofers with a bad reputation tend to offer low prices to attract homeowners. A reputable contractor will give you a rough estimate for you to decide whether they're worth hiring.

Seek a minimum of two estimates to get a comparison of the roofing costs. With several quotes, you can determine the average roofing costs and pick cost-effective contractors. Narrow your search to contractors whose pricing lies within the average range.

Avoid working with a company that requires you to pay for the total roofing costs upfront. They may cut contact as soon as you deposit the money leaving you in despair. A reputable contractor will ask for a deposit before work starts and give you a breakdown of the costs in writing.

Get Everything in Writing

A written agreement with the roofer will protect you from any mishaps when the work is taking place. You'll have the legal right to sue the roofer if they try to enforce or back out of something that wasn't included in the agreement.

Remember to include your financing agreements in the contract to avoid money-related losses. Agree on a payment/financing plan you can afford and have it in writing. Only agree to interest rates that are in line with your income/budget.

Take a copy of the roofing contract to your lawyer before signing it to determine whether the conditions comply with your local laws. The legal expert can help you agree on beneficial terms that will protect you from any liability.

Inquire About Safety and Warranties

The roofing contractor should have industry-quality safety equipment for the job. They should also have relevant safety training to keep their workers safe when roofing your house. A roofer who takes safety issues seriously can handle your project without making mistakes.

Choose a roofer that offers a warranty that covers any errors made when your house was being roofed. Without the warranty, you'll have to cover the expenses of fixing the roof. You should ask a potential contractor whether they offer a warranty and check what it covers in detail.

Get a Quote from a Roofing Contractor Today

Not every roofing contractor you interact with will be the perfect fit for your project. However, you can hire a good roofer and get your home a long-lasting roof with the tips discussed above. You'll end up being satisfied with the service and even recommend it to friends or family.

Entrust us with your roofing needs, and we'll deliver quality work suited for your unique needs. We are a family-owned company serving customers in Missouri and the surrounding areas. Get a free roofing estimate from us or schedule a free consultation today.

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