Known as a popular industry leader for over 110 years, CertainTeed offers a variety of high-quality roofing solutions that enhance your home's value and protection. With a range of shingle styles, colors, and materials, CertainTeed Roofing has something to fit every aesthetic preference and budget limit. This comprehensive guide will walk you through everything you need to know about CertainTeed roofing, from its popular roofing styles to its exclusive features, installation details, and warranty information.

Understanding CertainTeed Roofing

CertainTeed is a reputable brand of building products, including roofing materials. As a manufacturer of top-notch roofing solutions, CertainTeed is synonymous with durability, aesthetics, and reliability. By choosing CertainTeed roofing, you are making an investment in both the long-term value and safety of your property.

Popular CertainTeed Roofing Styles

CertainTeed shingles are available in a multitude of styles to meet your specific needs:

  • Architectural Shingles: Offering a double-layered design that replicates the appearance of wood shake, these shingles add depth and dimension to your roof.

  • Designer Shingles: High-quality asphalt shingles that are visually striking and architecturally correct. They bring a touch of luxury to your roof.

  • Traditional Shingles: An economic choice that doesn’t compromise on quality, these shingles are wind resistant and come in a variety of colors.

Noteworthy Features of CertainTeed Roofing Products

certainteed roofing

What sets CertainTeed Roofing apart from competitors are the exclusive features they offer. These include:

  • StreakFighter® Algae Resistance: Innovative technology defends your roofing from streaking and discoloration caused by airborne algae.

  • NailTrak®: This feature simplifies installation by providing a larger nailing area.

  • Quadra-Bond™: A proprietary adhesive that secures layers of laminate shingles for better protection against high-speed winds.

  • Solaris® Cool Roof Colors: Advanced granules that reflect solar rays, helping to keep homes cooler and reduce energy costs.

Installation of CertainTeed Roofing Products

CertainTeed roofing products should be installed by a CertainTeed credentialed roofing contractor to ensure the roofing system performs at its best. These contractors are selected, trained, and tested by CertainTeed. They can provide valuable guidance on choosing the best roofing system for your home and handle the installation professionally and effectively.

CertainTeed Roofing’s Comprehensive Warranties

Choosing CertainTeed roofing means choosing peace of mind. The company provides a range of warranty options that cover manufacturing defects and have varying durations of coverage. CertainTeed’s SureStart™ warranty is an attractive feature, which covers all costs of shingle replacement in the unlikely event of a manufacturing defect during the warranty period.

The Environmental Impact of CertainTeed Roofing

Not only does CertainTeed manufacture high-quality roofing products, but they also prioritize sustainability. They incorporate recycled content into new products, operate "zero waste to landfill" facilities, and have a robust product recycling program. CertainTeed is also committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption.

CertainTeed has proven its commitment to quality, performance, and sustainability in its roofing offerings. Their advanced technology and wide variety of styles ensure you get functionality and aesthetics in your roof. However, to reap all the benefits of CertainTeed roofing’s fantastic features, it’s essential to get your roof installed by a certified CertainTeed contractor. By doing this, you will not only enjoy superior roofing but also the assurance of the CertainTeed roofing warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions about CertainTeed Roofing

What are the unique features of CertainTeed Roofing products?

CertainTeed Roofing products offer a blend of quality, performance, and aesthetic appeal. Their shingles come in a wide range of styles, hues, and textures that can beautifully complement any home exterior. Furthermore, these products are known for their durability and offer industry-leading warranties, ensuring long-term protection and peace of mind for homeowners.

What type of roofing products does CertainTeed offer?

CertainTeed offers a variety of roofing products including traditional, luxury, and designer asphalt shingles, as well as solar roofing options and flat or low-slope roof systems. Their product range also extends to roof ventilation solutions, underlayments, and various roofing accessories.

What is the expected lifespan of a CertainTeed Roof?

The longevity of a CertainTeed Roof varies depending on the specific product line, installation, and environmental conditions. However, most CertainTeed Shingles have a lifespan ranging from 30 to 50 years, with some lines even offering lifetime warranties.

How are CertainTeed Roofing products environmentally friendly?

CertainTeed is committed to sustainability in their roofing products. They offer solar roofing solutions for energy efficiency. Additionally, many of their asphalt shingles use recycled materials, and they participate in initiatives for roofing recycling to reduce landfill waste.

What are the warranty options for CertainTeed Roofing products?

CertainTeed offers industry-leading warranties on their roofing products, with many lines offering a limited lifetime warranty. The warranty typically covers material defects and may include specific coverage for wind, algae resistance, and manufacturing defects.

Where can I purchase CertainTeed Roofing products?

CertainTeed Roofing products can be purchased at a variety of home improvement stores, roofing supply shops, and through certified roofing contractors. CertainTeed provides a 'find a pro' feature on their website to help you locate a certified installer near you.

How do CertainTeed Roofs fare in extreme weather conditions?

CertainTeed Roofs are designed to withstand a variety of weather conditions and offer superior performance even in extreme weather. Whether it's intense heat, heavy snow, strong winds, or heavy rain, you can rely on a CertainTeed Roof to provide excellent protection.

What is CertainTeed's 'integrity roof system'?

The CertainTeed Integrity Roof System is a complete approach to roofing that combines high-quality materials, layers, and components designed to provide maximum durability and performance. This comprehensive system includes underlayments, shingles, accessory products, and ventilation all working together to offer superior weather protection and longevity.

Why choose CertainTeed Roofing products over other brands?

CertainTeed Roofing is known for its superior quality, wide range of product options, and strong warranties. Their focus on sustainability, innovation, and design set them apart from many other manufacturers. With CertainTeed, customers have the confidence of investing in a long-lasting, reliable roofing solution that also enhances the aesthetic appeal of their home.

Pros and Cons of CertainTeed Roofing

Pros of CertainTeed Roofing


CertainTeed roofing offers an impressive selection of styles, colors, and design profiles. This allows customers with different tastes and demands to find something that suits their tastes and home architecture.

They offer more than 300 roofing options, including luxury, designer, and traditional shingle lines. This diversity ensures there is something for everyone, whether you prefer a traditional or contemporary look.


CertainTeed roofing is known for their excellent quality. Their materials are sturdy, durable, and resilient. That means once installed, a CertainTeed roofing system can withstand different weather conditions, including heavy snow and hail, for a long time.

CertainTeed uses top-notch technologies while manufacturing their roofing materials. Their products undergo stringent quality checks to ensure that customers get the best value for their money.


CertainTeed offers robust warranties for their roofing products. Their SureStart Plus warranty extends for up to 50 years, covering material, labor, and tear-off costs. This warranty gives homeowners peace of mind knowing they are covered in case of any defects or issues.

Cons of CertainTeed Roofing


One of the biggest drawbacks of CertainTeed roofing is the cost. They’re often more expensive when compared to other roofing options in the market. This is partially due to the high-quality materials they use and the extensive warranty coverage they offer.

While CertainTeed roofing offers great value for money in terms of quality and longevity, it may not be the best choice for homeowners with a tight budget or those looking for a less expensive roofing solution.


Professional installation is essential when it comes to CertainTeed products. Since these are high-quality roofing systems, any installation mistakes can lead to roof leaks or other issues down the line. This means additional expense on hiring a certified CertainTeed installer.

Moreover, not all roofers have the desired level of experience or training to install CertainTeed roofs. Hence, finding a skilled, certified installer can be a challenge in some regions.

Limited availability

Despite having a large selection of roofing materials, not all CertainTeed products are readily available in all regions. Availability may depend on local demand, the specific product line, or the region's building codes.

As a result, customers may have to wait longer or pay additional shipping costs to get their desired CertainTeed roofing product. This can be inconvenient, especially for those working on tight construction schedules.


With a variety of products, CertainTeed Roofing has proven to be a trusted name in the building materials industry. Whether you're a contractor or a homeowner, their top quality roofing materials will meet your diverse needs. They're known for their long-lasting durability and the incredible design versatility they offer, giving you the freedom to choose the perfect look for your home.

CertainTeed Roofing's strict attention to quality and its commitment to sustainability makes it a popular choice. They not only provide strong and aesthetically pleasing roofs, but also ensure their materials are eco-friendly. This commitment is a big selling point for those looking to make the sustainable choice when it comes to roofing materials.

Choosing CertainTeed Roofing is not just about having a visually appealing roof over your head. It also means having peace of mind, knowing that your roof is strong, durable, and environment-friendly. Their high-quality roof materials and services truly make them a game changer in the industry. So, have a glance at their collection and make your roof a CertainTeed one to make a difference!

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