Maybe you're building a house from scratch? Perhaps you're making some updates to your current home? In any case, you need to choose a roofing material. 

And while there are a variety of characteristics that matter to you when it comes to your roofing material, no one characteristic is more important to you than durability. 

The question is: which roofing material is the most durable? Take it from a Kansas City roofing contractor: here are the typical lifespans of residential roofing materials. 

Slate Roofing

In truth, there's not much competition here: slate roofing is by far the most durable roofing material in existence. Made out of authentic stone, slate roofing can last up to 200 years and sometimes even more. 

Not only is slate roofing resistant to physical trauma but to water, sunlight, and just about everything else that it's exposed to. And while it will eventually get dirty, it can very easily be cleaned. 

The downside to slate roofing is that it's rather expensive. Not to mention, it can be too heavy for some houses to hold. But if you've got the money and if you've got the right house, it will provide you with the most bang for your buck. 

Clay Tiles

Next up on the list is clay tiles. Clay tiles can last well over 100 years and sometimes as long as 150 years. Like slate roofing, they're highly resistant to water, sunlight, and direct physical trauma. 

You'll most typically find this roofing material on houses in the highly sunny areas, such as in the southwest portion of the United States and Florida. This is so not only for cultural reasons but because it really is just that resistant to water and sunlight. 

No, you won't see a lot of clay tiles in the Kansas City area. However, they're not out of the question either. So, if you're into their unique aesthetics, they're a material you should consider. 

They do cost quite a bit to install initially. However, considering their durability, they're actually fairly affordable in the long run. 

Metal Roofing

Slate roofing and clay tile roofing are by far the most durable roofing materials in existence. However, that doesn't mean you can't get durability out of other roofing materials. 

For instance, many metal roofing materials are capable of lasting up to 75 years. And with their high resistance to water, sunlight, and direct physical trauma, they scarcely ever need maintenance either. 

Other benefits of metal roofing include unique aesthetics, easy installation, and a variety of color options. A potential downside to metal roofing is noise. Some metal roofing materials are quite loud when, for instance, rain is falling on top of them. 

The cost of metal roofing is somewhere in the middle of the spectrum. Stretched out over a span of 75 years, it's downright reasonable for homeowners of all income levels. 

Concrete Tiles

Concrete tiles possess the same general look as clay tiles. However, whereas clay tiles are typically orange, concrete tiles are typically gray (though there are other color options available). 

In terms of durability, these two materials are quite different. Clay tiles can thrive for well over 100 years. Concrete tiles, on the other hand, tend to top out at around 75 years. 

Like clay tiles, concrete tiles are largely resistant to water and sunlight. They're highly protective against physical trauma as well and rarely every crack. As such, they scarcely ever need to be maintained or replaced. 

Generally speaking, periodic cleanings alone will get the most out of concrete tiles. At most, you might have to replace a singular cracked tile after a storm, for instance. 

In any case, these are a great option. If you're looking for the tiled look without the exorbitant price, concrete tiles are the way to go. 

Rubber Shingles

If you want the look of slate roofing but at a much lower price, you should consider rubber shingles. These are similar to slate in appearance but are available at just a fraction of the cost. 

Of course, as you might expect, they fall far short of slate in terms of lifespan. Whereas slate roofing can last as long as 200 years, rubber shingles tend to top out at around 50 years. 

Nonetheless, rubber shingles are a solid choice. They provide good insulation, are resistant to water and sunlight, and give you a decent amount of bang for your buck. 

Wood Shingles

The next material down the durability totem pole is wood shingles. Wood shingles possess decent durability overall, generally spanning 35 to 45 years of use. In mild-weather areas, they can last even longer, sometimes hitting even 60 years of use. 

Note, though, that while they're fairly resistant to water, they do incur some damage in the face of rain and snow. Sunlight can affect them as well. As such, they need regular maintenance. 

The big draw of wood shingles is their aesthetics. They're unique when compared with other roofing materials, providing a textured and off-kilter appearance. 

Price-wise, they're reasonable. However, considering their shorter lifespan and their need for maintenance, they can be a bit expensive over time. 

Asphalt Shingles

The least durable roofing material on the market today is asphalt shingles. These usually top out at around 30 years of use and, in some cases, need to be replaced as soon as 20 years. 

It's important to note, though, that many individuals don't live in their homes any longer than 20 to 30 years. For these individuals, asphalt shingles easily provide the coverage needed. 

In fact, you may or may not be surprised to hear that asphalt shingles are the most popular residential roofing material in existence. No, they don't impress in terms of overall durability. However, they're much cheaper than the other materials and, for many homeowners, end up providing the most bang for their buck. 

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