Established more than a century ago, Certainteed is known as one of the leading North American brands for sustainable building products. Ranging from roofing and railing to insulation and fence systems, Certainteed has a reputation for producing reliable and advanced building materials. This blog aims to walk you through everything you need to know about Certainteed, discussing its various product lines, sustainability commitment, and other aspects that make Certainteed standout in the building material industry.

About Certainteed

Certainteed is a subsidiary of Saint-Gobain, one of the world’s largest and oldest building products companies. Its approach to business is embedded in innovative growth, as it consistently meets the changing needs of the building industry. With sustainability at its core, Certainteed is dedicated to sublime product standards, ensuring its products are respectful of the environment, contributing minimally to carbon footprint while saving consumers costs.

Certainteed Products Overview

Certainteed prides itself on offering an extensive line of high-performance products that cater to every part of the building envelope, from roofs to basements, inside and out. Here's an overview of Certainteed's main product lines:

Roofing Products

The Certainteed Roofing line offers a broad spectrum of style choices, including luxury, premium, and traditional roofing shingles. Each boasts a unique mix of performance and aesthetics to suit different homeowner tastes and architectural styles.

Wallboard Products

Certainteed’s Gypsum offers wallboard and finishing products for both residential and commercial building applications — giving you solutions that are both aesthetic and functionally superior.

Siding Products

Certainteed siding boasts an industry-leading selection of low-maintenance, weather-resistant, energy-efficient siding and accessory options. Colors, textures, widths, lengths, thicknesses - whatever your design needs, they have a product to match.

Solar Products

Certainteed’s Solar sector presents a range of high-performance solar panels providing clean, renewable energy while achieving the highest level of efficiency and energy yield. They fit seamlessly into all roofing system solutions ensuring aesthetics and efficiency in one reliable product.

Sustainability Commitments of Certainteed

Certainteed values environmental accountability, emphasizing on long-term sustainability in their operations and product development strategies. They are deeply committed to:

  • Producing sustainable, well-designed, and energy-efficient solutions.
  • Following responsible purchasing practices to conserve natural resources.
  • Ensuring long-term energy conservation both in manufacturing and product performance.
  • Dedication towards waste minimization and promoting recycling efforts.

Advantages of Choosing Certainteed Products

Certainteed’s commitment to quality and sustainability makes it a top choice for both professional builders and homeowners. By choosing Certainteed, you can expect:

  • Superior quality and extensive product range to meet diverse building requirements.
  • Products that are compliant with sustainable building standards, making your home or commercial building more energy-efficient and eco-friendly.
  • Benefits from innovative technologies that provide comfort, durability and performance at its best.

With their extensive range of high-quality building products and commitment to sustainability, Certainteed remains a trusted name in the building materials industry. Whether you’re a home builder, an architect, or a homeowner, they offer a comprehensive selection of products that can meet your specific needs and preferences.

Frequently Asked Questions about CertainTeed

Where is CertainTeed based?

CertainTeed is a notable manufacturer of building materials, founded in 1904, and is based in Malvern, Pennyslavia. The company operates over 60 manufacturing plants throughout North America.

What makes CertainTeed's products distinctive?

CertainTeed products are prominently known for their exceptional quality. Their materials are designed to enhance the beauty of a home, while also offering resistance to weather and improving energy efficiency. The company is also recognized for its innovative efforts and sustainability practices in manufacturing.

Does CertainTeed provide warranties for their products?

Yes, CertainTeed provides warranties for their product range. The terms and coverage of the warranty may vary depending on the specific product. It is advised to clarify with the company or retailer regarding the details of the warranty at the time of purchase.

Does CertainTeed contribute to sustainable building practices?

Absolutely, CertainTeed has an established commitment towards sustainability. Many of their manufacturing processes are designed to reduce waste and save energy. The company’s products are also geared towards enhancing energy efficiency in buildings, in turn, contributing to sustainable development.

What role does CertainTeed play in the construction industry?

CertainTeed is viewed as a trusted name in the construction industry due to the excellent quality, wide array of product offerings, and innovative approach they carry in their manufacturing processes. Their valuable contribution to sustainable building practices also sets them apart in the industry.

What types of buildings can use CertainTeed products?

CertainTeed products are versatile and can be used in a wide variety of building types. Whether it is residential, commercial, or industrial construction, CertainTeed offers a vast range of building materials that can meet various construction needs.

Is it feasible to install CertainTeed products by oneself?

While CertainTeed products are designed for ease of use, it is always recommended to have a professional install these products to ensure the best results. Depending on the product, improper installation might affect the warranty coverage as well, hence, professional installation is often the best way to go.

Is CertainTeed a part of Saint Gobain?

Yes, CertainTeed is a subsidiary of Saint Gobain - one of the world's largest and oldest building products companies, which greatly amplifies the resources and reach of CertainTeed in the international construction industry.

Pros and Cons of CertainTeed

Pros of CertainTeed

Quality Materials

One of the biggest advantages of CertainTeed products is their high-quality materials. Whether it's roofing, siding, insulation, or gypsum, CertainTeed uses top-of-the-line resources in manufacturing, assuring that their products are durable, reliable, and long-lasting.

  • Ideal for Different Climates: CertainTeed materials are designed to withstand various weather conditions, from intense sunlight to heavy snowfall, making them suitable for different climates.
  • Resistance to Elements: CertainTeed roofing shingles feature a high resistance to wind and fire, making them a safer choice for homeowners.
  • Low Maintenance: Their materials are also low maintenance, which can save homeowners time and money in the long term.

Wide Range of Options

CertainTeed offers a broad range of products in various colors, styles, and finishes. This variety makes it easy for homeowners to choose products that match their specific aesthetic and functional needs.

  • Style Versatility: From traditional to modern designs, CertainTeed materials can complement any architectural style.
  • Color Options: CertainTeed offers a rich palette of colors, letting homeowners personalize their properties.

Cons of CertainTeed

Product Pricing

The premium quality of CertainTeed products comes with higher price tags compared to other brands. This can be a major drawback for consumers who are working with a limited budget.

  • Siding Pricing: CertainTeed siding tends to be more expensive than comparable products from other manufacturers.
  • Roofing Costs: Their top-rated roofing materials can also cost significantly more, especially when considering installation expenses.

Limited Availability

CertainTeed products, especially their specialty items, might not be readily available in some local markets. Customers may need to wait for their orders to be shipped from farther areas.

  • Special Order Delays: CertainTeed special orders can take longer to arrive, which may delay renovation schedules.
  • Limited Retail Locations: CertainTeed products might not be available at all commercial outlets, forcing customers to seek them out at specialty stores.

Installation Requirements

CertainTeed products often need professional installation. While this ensures a safe and proper installation, it can add additional costs.

  • Professional Installation: CertainTeed products have specific installation requirements that need to be followed for better durability and performance.
  • Warranty Terms: The full benefits of CertainTeed warranties might only be available if their products are installed by certified professionals, adding a layer of expenses.

In summary, CertainTeed, as a brand, offers top-tier, aesthetically-pleasing materials that come in a wide range of options. However, these qualities sometimes come at a higher price, limited availability, and specific installation conditions that might be considered drawbacks by some customers.


CertainTeed has significantly contributed to the building material industry with years of exceptional performance, offering a spectrum of high-quality products. Their commitment towards sustainability and product innovation aligns with the contemporary trends and needs. Despite diverse market challenges, CertainTeed consistently pursues excellence, reflecting in their outstanding customer service and reliable product range.

Known for its broad array of successful product line, CertainTeed continues to manufacture top-tier solutions that encompass roofing, insulation, railing and more. They continue to demonstrate an unwavering commitment to uphold supreme standards and meet customer expectations. Their success story is a clear reflection of their tenacity, vision, and constant pursuit of growth.

The versatility of CertainTeed in offering both residential and commercial building solutions sets them apart. Their products not only ensure performance but also add aesthetic values to the buildings. Going forward, we can expect nothing less than continued quality and exceptional offerings from CertainTeed, raising the bars in the building materials industry.

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