With an impressive legacy that spans over a century, Andersen Corporation has long been synonymous with top-notch craftsmanship, innovative designs, and outstanding service for all things related to windows and doors. A name that dominates the industry, one of their standout products is the range of Andersen sliding doors. Not only do these doors present a remarkable blend of style with functionality, but they also provide homeowners with a stunning outdoor view and ample natural light.

Andersen Sliding Doors: A Class Apart

Known for their durable construction, advanced features, and energy-efficient performance, Andersen sliding doors are the epitome of quality, style, and convenience. These doors are available in an array of styles and finishes, from sleek contemporary designs to elegant traditional appearances, ensuring there's an Andersen sliding door suitable for every home aesthetic.

The Range of Andersen Sliding Doors

Andersen has a comprehensive lineup of sliding doors that are categorized primarily into four product lines, each designed to meet different preferences and requirements.

  • The E-Series: Offering limitless possibilities with custom colors, dramatic sizes, and dynamic shapes.
  • The A-Series: Featuring a range of products with authentic architectural style, offering customization in colors, interior stains, and hardware finishes.
  • Perma-Shield®: Known for its attractive design and durability, this product line needs less maintenance because its rigid wood panels are protected by a vinyl exterior.
  • 200 Series Narroline®: These have the advantage of traditional French door aesthetics in a sliding door design.

Key Features of Andersen Sliding Doors

Andersen sliding doors stand out in the market for a variety of reasons. Let's explore the key features that set these apart.

Durability and Craftsmanship

When we talk about Andersen sliding doors, the first thing that comes to mind is their exceptional durability. The doors are crafted from some of the strongest materials available in the industry, combined with top-quality craftsmanship, ensuring the longevity of the product.

Energy Efficiency

A crucial aspect that adds to the appeal of Andersen sliding doors is their energy efficiency. All Andersen windows and doors are geared to meet ENERGY STAR® performance level guidelines in all US climate zones, contributing to energy savings and reducing carbon footprints.

Wide Array of Design Choices

Andersen ensures that homeowners don’t have to compromise on style for the sake of functionality. Their sliding doors are available in an extensive range of design choices. So, whether you're trying to create a modern or traditional aesthetic, there's an Andersen window suited to your needs.

Taking Care of Your Andersen Sliding Doors

To maximize the lifespan of Andersen sliding doors, it's vital to take good care of them. This involves regular cleaning and routine inspections to ensure all parts are functioning correctly.

Maintenance Tips

  • Clean the glass with a mixture of mild soap and water, and wipe it off with a soft cloth.
  • Check the weather strip and replace it if it is cracked or damaged.
  • Regularly check and tighten loose screws and parts to prevent potential damage.

Finding the Perfect Andersen Sliding Doors

With their diverse range of products, Andersen sliding doors offer the perfect solution for every home. To find the perfect sliding door for your home, consider factors such as your aesthetic preferences, durability requirements, and budget constraints. Remember, an Andersen sliding door is not just a purchase; it's an investment in quality and style.

Upgrade the value and appeal of your home by choosing Andersen. Get ready to let in an abundance of light, enjoy endless views, and enhance your living space with the best in class Andersen sliding doors.

FAQs About Andersen Sliding Doors

How durable are Andersen sliding doors?

Andersen sliding doors are crafted with unmatched quality and top-notch materials that ensure lasting durability. They are tested under extreme weather conditions and are found to resist the harshest elements. Expect these doors to last and perform for years. Andersen sliding doors truly stand for excellent craftsmanship and remarkable longevity.

What type of glass is used in Andersen Sliding doors?

Andersen uses High-Performance Low-E4 glass in all sliding doors. This type of glass provides exceptional thermal efficiency, it helps you save on heating costs during winter and cooling costs during summer. It also minimizes harmful UV rays that can fade your carpet and furniture.

How do you install Andersen sliding doors?

Andersen sliding doors come with detailed installation instructions. However, if you are not comfortable doing the work yourself, Andersen recommends hiring a professional for the installation. You can visit Andersen's website to find an authorized installer near your area.

How do you maintain Andersen sliding doors?

Maintaining Andersen sliding doors is easy and convenient. Regularly clean the glass with a soft cloth and mild soap, and wipe the frames and panels with the same. Maintain the track clean from dirt and dust. If needed, lubricate the moving parts occasionally.

What warranty comes with Andersen sliding doors?

Andersen extends robust warranty policies with its sliding doors. Generally, their warranties cover parts, glass, and even craftsmanship. You can have peace of mind that Andersen stands behind its products. For specific details about warranties, it's best to visit the Andersen's website or contact their customer service.

Are Andersen sliding doors energy efficient?

Yes, Andersen sliding doors are designed with energy efficiency in mind. They use materials like Fibrex composite frames and Low-E4 glass to make sure heat stays in and cold stays out during winter, and vice versa in the summer. Furthermore, Andersen follows Energy Star guidelines to ensure maximum energy efficiency.

Where can you purchase Andersen sliding doors?

Andersen sliding doors can be purchased directly from the Andersen website or from home improvement retailers such as The Home Depot, Lowe’s, Menards, and more. Additionally, you can order from local Andersen dealers. Be sure to check with your local stores for availability.

Can Andersen sliding doors be customized?

Absolutely. Andersen offers plenty of options to customize your sliding doors, from colors, finishes, to grille patterns and hardware styles. You can use the Andersen online tool to Create Your Own door and see how your custom door looks before you make the purchase.

What if my Andersen sliding door gets damaged or needs repair?

If your Andersen sliding door requires repair, you should first contact the Andersen’s customer service. They will guide you through the steps based on your warranty. In many cases, Andersen can send replacement parts directly to you. If the damage is outside of warranty or for off-warranty parts, Andersen suggests contacting a local dealer or contractor who is proficient in Andersen door repairs.

Pros & Cons of Andersen Sliding Doors

Pros of Andersen Sliding Doors

Superior Construction Quality

Andersen Sliding doors are known for their exceptional construction quality. These doors are crafted from finely selected materials, ensuring a robust and long-lasting fit.

  • Longevity: The materials used enable these doors to withstand the elements, meaning they have an extended lifespan compared to cheaper alternatives.
  • Strength: Andersen sliding doors are incredibly strong due to the use of high-quality materials, providing enhanced security for your home.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is a significant selling point for Andersen sliding doors. This quality is vital, particularly for those living in regions with extreme weather conditions.

  • Insulation: These doors come equipped with excellent insulation properties that go a long way in retaining indoor temperature and reducing energy loss.
  • Energy Star rated: Most Andersen sliding doors are Energy Star rated, which means they meet the energy efficiency guidelines set by EPA.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Another strong point for Andersen sliding doors is their visual appeal. The doors offer a sleek and minimal design that can complement any architectural style.

  • Multiple Styles: Andersen provides a range of styles and finishes in their sliding door range, providing something for everyone’s taste.
  • Natural Light: Andersen sliding doors’ large glass panels allow ample natural light into your home, brightening up any room and creating a feeling of spaciousness.

Cons of Andersen Sliding Doors


As with anything of quality, Andersen sliding doors come with a higher price tag. This can be an obstacle for some homeowners.

  • Initial Cost: The initial cost of purchasing and installing the Andersen sliding doors can be rather steep, especially for custom designs.
  • Maintenance Cost: While these doors are durable, repeated repair and maintenance of moving parts can add to the overall cost.

Installation Process

The installation process of Andersen sliding doors can be a complicated task and needing a professional installer.

  • Time-consuming: The installation can be time-consuming, which can disrupt your daily routine and require additional labor cost.
  • Professional Assistance: Due to the complexity of the process, it is advisable to use professional assistance which can add to the overall cost.

Replacement Parts

Finding replacement parts for Andersen sliding doors can be a challenging endeavor.

  • Availability: When it comes to repairs or replacement, specific parts for Andersen sliding doors may not be readily available.
  • Cost: Even when available, these components tend to be expensive, considering the brand’s premium positioning in the market.


Upgrading your entryway with Andersen sliding doors can infuse your space with a true sense of style. These doors not only offer elegance but also high functionality. So, if you value beauty, efficiency, and durability in your home fixtures, you definitely can't go wrong with Andersen's offerings.

Whether you need traditional French doors or contemporary sliding glass doors, Andersen Sliding Doors has it all. They are easy to maintain, making them apt for homes of all styles and sizes. Simply put, these doors are a fantastic addition that can instantly improve the aesthetic and real estate value of your property.

Undoubtedly, Andersen sliding doors promise high quality and exquisite craftsmanship that stands the test of time. You can trust in their promise of reliability. When it comes to investing in your home's look and feel, these doors are worth every penny and will never fail to steal the spotlight.

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