If you're looking to purchase new windows for your home, then chances are you've stumbled upon the brand Simonton Windows. Known for their durable and innovative designs, Simonton Windows has become a staple in the industry. Whether for aesthetic appeal, energy-efficiency, security, or all of the above; Simonton's extensive list of window options might have the solution you're after.

Understanding Simonton Windows

Simonton Windows is a reputed American brand that's been in the business since 1946. They have prided themselves on producing high-quality windows and doors that are renowned for standing up to all types of weather, enhancing home security, and improving the overall aesthetic appearance of a property.

The Benefits of Simonton Windows

There are a few key reasons why homeowners opt for Simonton Windows in their renovation projects.


Simonton Windows are designed with energy-efficiency at the core. They feature Low E glass which helps to keep heat in during winters and out during summers, thus reducing energy bills. Additionally, they have argon gas inserted between panes. This acts as an invisible layer of insulation which supplements the energy-saving benefits.

Durability and Maintenance

Simonton Windows are constructed with premium vinyl, known for its durability and low maintenance. Unlike other materials, vinyl doesn't chip, warp, or fade over time which makes it a cost-effective solution in the long run.

Variety of Styles

From sleek contemporary designs to rustic charm, Simonton Windows offers a variety of window styles to suit any home aesthetic. You can choose from casement windows, slider windows, bay or bow windows, and more. Each design also comes with customizable options regarding color, hardware, and grid pattern.

Notable Simonton Window Collections

Simonton offers a variety of window collections, each with unique features and benefits.

  • Reflections 5500: This collection offers premium styles, glass packages, and advanced energy efficiency, suitable for long-term homeowners.
  • Prism Platinum: The premium series is perfect for custom builds with its unique decorative options and steel-reinforced sash.
  • DaylightMax: Boasting a narrow frame and larger glass area, this collection provides maximum light into your home while eschewing extra hardware and fasteners for a clean look.

Choosing the Right Simonton Window

Choosing the right Simonton Window will depend largely on your individual preferences and needs. If energy efficiency is your primary concern, opting for their Reflections series or ProFinish Brickmould series would be a good choice. You should also consider the climate in your region; for instance, if you live in sunny climates, consider windows with a Lower Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) rating.

Seeking Professional Assistance

Though some homeowners may feel compelled to embark on a DIY installation, seeking professional assistance is generally recommended to ensure your Simonton Windows are installed correctly, thereby prolonging their lifespan. Professionals can also provide tailored advice on which window type would best suit your home's architectural style and your needs.

Simonton Windows offer an unbeatable blend of innovation, energy efficiency, and aesthetics. Their premium vinyl window options provide durability with minimal maintenance, making them the perfect solution for all homeowners looking forward to a window renovation.

Frequently Asked Questions About Simonton Windows

What materials are Simonton windows made of?

Simonton windows are made mostly of premium vinyl. This means they are not only durable but also low maintenance. Vinyl does not peel, chip, or fade over time, ensuring you won’t need to repaint your windows.

What kinds of Simonton windows are available?

Simonton offers a diverse range of window styles, including single-hung, double-hung, sliding, casement, awning, bay, bow, geometric, and garden windows. Each type has unique features and can be custom-tailored to match your personal style and needs.

Are Simonton windows customizable?

Yes, Simonton offers a wide range of customization options for their windows. You can choose from various colors, hardware finishes, window grid styles, and glass options. This means you can design windows that perfectly match your home’s aesthetic.

Does Simonton offer warranties on their windows?

Yes, Simonton provides one of the most comprehensive warranties in the industry. They offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty that covers both parts and labor for as long as you own your home. This warranty can also be transferred to the next homeowner if you decide to sell your house.

How do I clean Simonton windows?

Simonton windows are designed for easy cleaning. For vinyl windows, you can use a mild soap and water solution to cleanse the window frames. For the glass parts, any standard glass cleaner will do the job. Always avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive materials as they could damage the windows.

What makes Simonton windows different from other windows?

What sets Simonton windows apart is their blend of quality, performance, and customer satisfaction. Their core features include energy efficiency, durability, easy operation, and excellent warranties. Plus, they have been recognized with numerous awards for customer satisfaction and performance by organizations like J.D. Power and Associates.

Where can I buy Simonton windows?

Simonton windows can be purchased through authorized dealers, which can be found all over the country. They also have their products available in various home improvement stores. To find a dealer near you, you can use the dealer locator tool on their website.

Can Simonton windows improve my home's resale value?

Yes, installing Simonton windows can potentially increase your home’s resale value. They are high-quality, attractive, and energy-efficient, which are all key characteristics homebuyers look for. Not to mention, the transferrable warranty adds extra value.

Does Simonton provide installation services?

While Simonton does not directly provide installation services, their windows are designed for easy installation. They do, however, strongly recommend having their windows installed by a professional to ensure they are correctly fitted and to make the most of their energy-saving benefits.

Pros and Cons of Simonton Windows

Pros of Simonton Windows

Excellent Energy Efficiency

  • Simonton windows are ingeniously designed to offer excellent energy efficiency. They come with options such as Low E glass and Argon gas fill that enhance their energy-efficient properties.

Diverse Variety of Designs

  • Whether you're looking for single hung, double hung, casement, or bay windows, Simonton offers a wide range of options to suit diverse architectural styles. This makes it easy to find the perfect window type for your home.


  • Simonton windows are built using high-quality vinyl which is known for its durability. This ensures that the windows can withstand harsh weather conditions without losing their functionality or aesthetic appeal.

Easy Installation

  • Whether you opt for retrofit or new construction windows, Simonton windows are easy to install. This can save you significant labor costs when it comes to window installation.

Warranty Protection

  • Simonton is renowned for offering some of the best warranty protections in the window industry. Their windows come with a double lifetime warranty for both the product and the labor which brings significant peace of mind.

Cons of Simonton Windows

Limited Color Selection

  • While Simonton windows come in a variety of shapes and sizes, they fall short in terms of color selection. This can limit your design options if you're looking for specific color tones to match your home’s exterior.

Vinyl Quality

  • While vinyl is a durable material, it doesn't quite match up to the aesthetic and feel of natural wood. If you're looking for the richness of wood, Simonton’s vinyl windows may not be the best fit.

Higher Upfront Costs

  • While Simonton windows offer significant energy savings over the long-run, they also come with a higher upfront cost. This could add burden to the initial renovation budget.

Sizing Limitations

  • Although Simonton provides standard and custom size options, they have limitations on maximum and minimum sizes. This could limit your design options if you need exceptionally large or small windows.

Lower Resell Value than Some Other Materials

  • Even though Simonton vinyl windows are long-lasting and efficient, they tend to have a lower resale value compared to wood and aluminum windows when it comes time to sell your home.


Simonton Windows has certainly made a name for itself in the window industry, notably for its commitment to quality. The company's wide selection of windows not only caters to different aesthetic tastes but also ensures that varying functional needs are met. It’s about designing your home in the way you deem fit. With Simonton windows, you get the assurance of durability, soundproofing, and insulation features.

Another aspect that sets Simonton Windows apart is its uncompromising dedication to customer service. Should you encounter any challenges with your windows, rest assured that they'll strive to resolve your concerns swiftly and professionally. It's this level of commitment that has seen them win numerous industry awards and maintain their reputation throughout the years.

When it comes to upgrading or replacing windows, homeowners should carefully consider their options. Looking beyond just the cosmetic appeal, it's essential to think about aspects such as energy efficiency, ease of installation, and after-sales service. Judging by its track record, Simonton Windows stands tall among its rivals, offering a balance of aesthetics, performance, and exceptional customer service.

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