Choosing a brand for your house siding has been difficult, but now, things have changed drastically with Hardie Board siding becoming a popular choice. While the product has been there for almost forever, its popularity seems to increase with time since last many years. Just Consider re-siding your house and the name will pop up in your head. However, some people might argue if the name serves as per its reputation.

At US Quality Construction, we understand the concern of people and try to educate our blog readers. Let’s attempt to understand whether Hardie siding is the perfect brand for your new siding or is it just an overrated name, not up to the mark of its popularity.

What is Hardie Board Siding?

A popular brand, also known as fiber cement siding, Hardie Board Siding is one of the most consumed products within house siding industries in the USA. With cement, sand, and cellulose fiber being its ingredients, it provides both strength and beauty to the house. Consequently, it is famous for its longevity, looks, and amazing warranty period of 30 years.

Hardie Board is also designed to be a protection against rough climate and provides strength to your house, which is why it continues to be on the top list of buyers. However, like any other product, it has both positive and negative sides. Let’s explore further and see.

Pros of Hardie Board Siding:

The list of pros is a big one and that is the reason Hardie Board is chosen by millions of homeowners throughout the country. Below are a few notable pros:


The popularity of Hardie Board is made possible because of this sole pro. It can withstand the coldest of weather conditions, no matter how snowy it gets, your siding is not going to rot or allow the moisture inside. Its ability to resist elements comes from fiber cement makeup and this is exactly what is sought while choosing a siding brand for your house.

Hardie Board is water-resistant, fire-resistant, and moisture resistant making it the best siding to safeguard the interior of your house.


The strength of Hardie Board gives birth to another of the most sought-after pros and that is its ability to last longer than other similar products. Because it is made up of fiber cement, there are literally zero chances that it is going to rot.

James Hardie gives a 30-year warranty with proper installation and that tells a lot about the longevity of the product. However, you may not need to use that warranty at all.


Not a lot of siding comes with custom looks, but Hardie Board siding is not one of them. Here, you can opt for various styles of your preferences, right according to your house style. Besides, you can choose the color theme as per your liking and give your home a great look with the customizable feature of Hardie Board siding.

Low Maintenance

In contrast with other siding products, Hardie Board never requires a lot of maintenance throughout the year. All you need to do is go out and check for anything that might not be going well. Chances are that you are not going to find anything of notable worth most of the time.

If you wish to wear off the dust and other elements that impact the beauty of your house, simply take a garden hose along with a brush and wash it without any worry. Do it twice a year and everything will be perfect.

Installation Professionals

Being a popular brand, James Hardie offers resourcse and training for contractors who install their product. The company also certifies the companies who are the best, taking the guesswork out of the customer’s concern.

Therefore, you can simply go out and look for a certified James Hardie installation team to ensure that the process is smooth and worry-free. Also, you recieve warranty when you use certified workers to install Hardie Board siding.

The Cons of Hardie Board Siding:

We all know that perfection is an illusion and that is why Hardie Board siding has also some cons along with all the mentioned benefits. Let us see what these cons are:


Compared to other siding, Hardie Board requires a larger sum of money for the installation. It is costlier yet it is durable and lasts longer. So, you can perhaps take it as a kind of investment.

Apart from the material, the installation process is quite difficult and requires skilled laborers. Thus, making the installation process more costly as well.

Hardie Board siding’s life span is around 50 years, way above any other siding. Thus, the high prices can be justified. Besides, having it installed can increase the price of your house in case you are planning to resell it.

More Time Consuming

Aside from being costly, Hardie Board takes too much time to be installed. Despite you using certified workers to get the thing done, it takes more time than any other siding installation. The reason behind this is the complexity of installation, making it difficult as well as costly because the number of workers required is high too.

This difficulty arises out of the fact that fiber cement is heavier and thicker than any other material used in sidings. Hence, handling it can be a tough and professional job. Make sure that you do not make any kinds of repairing yourself or it is time to throw away your warranty card.


While the siding warranty is 30 years, the color warranty covers only 15 years. Hence, you might need repainting after 15 years. Before that, rest assured that the color is not going to fade. Even if it does, the ColorPlus Technology warranty has got you covered.

Final Take: Go for the Best

Compared to the pros of Hardie Board siding, the cons can be ignored. Going for Hardie Board siding can be the wisest decision because of its low-cost maintenance and other features that protect your house.

In case you have made your decision to replace your old siding with Hardie Board, US Quality Construction has got your back. Just get in touch and get things done smoothly and professionally.

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