There is no doubt about it, poorly colored or faded siding can reduce the attractiveness and the overall value of your house. Regions such as the Kansas City area are known for their extreme temperatures, from blistering hot sun to wild rain, hail, and sometimes even snow storms. Living in and maintaining the integrity of your external house usually depends on things as understated as a house siding.

US Quality Construction siding installation experts highly skilled individuals who are devoted to helping you make the best decisions regarding your home exterior. Critical choices such as deciding between the James Hardie siding colors to painting the primed Hardie siding differ in their final results. Understanding the major differences between the two kinds of siding colors can help you figure out your personal preferences and make a more informed choice for your property.

The Significance of Colored Siding

The importance of adding color to your home exterior cannot be understated. Sometimes a pop of color is just what you need to highlight the architectural beauty of your house and make it seem more stylish and modern. Choosing a good color can reflect your personality, and help you prove to the world that your house truly reflects your tastes. A thorough paint job, especially one which uses good quality materials is sometimes all it takes to increase the overall value of your property.

An Evaluation of the James Hardie Home Siding Options for Color

Many homeowners in the Kansas City region are familiar with the James Hardie siding color options. The two main options are the famous ColorPlus Technology and the Pre-Primed James Hardie siding. Here at US Quality Construction, we believe that choosing a good siding color is nothing less than an investment that requires the utmost attention.

The following is a comparative analysis of both kinds of color options, to help you decide which is suited for your Kansas property. Though both options are great, there are some aspects which determine the suitability to your particular home.

1. The ColorPlus Technology

As its name suggests, the James Hardie Siding ColorPlus Technology was made to add a bit of long-lasting color to your home. This siding color option makes use of multiple coats of color that have been baked onto the surface of your siding for a more refined look. Here are some of the benefits of choosing ColorPlus technology.

Less Labor Intensive

The James Hardie ColorPlus Technology products arrive primed and painted to your home. This means that they only need to be installed by a professional contractor such as one from US Quality Construction in Kansas, thereby reducing the labor involved.

Easier to Install

Since the products arrive painted and primed, they are easier to install, requiring minimum skilled personnel to install. There is no fear of the mess involved with actual paints, nor is there a need to wait for ideal weather conditions. The siding products only need to be installed so that they can start giving your home the protection it needs.

Features more Paint Coats

Since the ColorPlus Technology is prepared in factory conditions, there is less room for human error. This means that one can have multiple coats of paint without fearing an uneven mess. Moreover, the added process of baking the layers of paint on the product surfaces ensures a better quality of color.

Durable Color

As mentioned previously, ColorPlus Technology sidinghave multiple layers of paint that have been baked onto the surface of the product. This makes the resultant color far more durable and vibrant. Exposure to the harsh Kansas sun would not cause fading anytime soon. Moreover, the baked paint layers would help protect your house from the damaging UV rays.

Environmental Friendly

One of the biggest perks of choosing the James Hardie ColorPlus Technology for Siding products is how this option is environmentally friendly. Since the paint is applied expertly in the factory, there is a lesser need for retouches. Fewer paint jobs would been that there would a reduced amount of onsite VOCs (volatile organic compounds) which are harmful for the environment.

Provides a Long Warranty

Many people living in the Kansas City region are heartened to find that the James Hardie ColorPlus Technology awards them with a 15-year warranty. This guarantees protection against peeling, cracking, and even chipping paint. In comparison, Hardie primed siding does not come with a warranty, which is an economic disadvantage.

2. Primed Siding Option

The James Hardie primed siding option is great for those living in Kansas as it allows you to be more hands-on regarding managing your home exterior. Here are some of the most striking benefits of opting for the primed siding color option.

Wider Range of Color Selection

If you are a discerning homeowner, you would be concerned about finding the exact shade of color for your home exterior. While ColorPlus Technology has 33 standard colors to choose from, with primed siding you have a wider pool of color options.

Ready Availability

While ColorPlus siding boards need to be ordered, you can find Hardie primed color boards at your convenience. There are always plenty of options in stock that you can use immediately. Moreover, any cracks or chips in paint can be given fast and effective touch-ups.

Cost Effective

Property owners in Kansas are relieved to find that primed siding color options are lighter on the pocket. By painting the siding yourself, you can save money on labor costs. However, US Quality Construction contractors recommend hiring a painting crew for a more perfect paint job.

The Final Take

US Quality Construction encourages its Kansas-based customers to find the siding color options that best suit their needs. If you require a unique color, and at an affordable price, it is recommended that you opt for the James Hardie Primed siding color choice.

However, if you don’t want to bother with the mess and hassle of painting, and care for something that is more durable, it is better to opt for the James Hardie ColorPlus Technology color options. Hope this helps you make the right choice for you!

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