There is no doubt about it, getting a new or replacement siding for your home can be a tricky business. You would want something that is not just able to withstand the diverse weather of Kansas while also looking fantastic.

You would be presented with many material options while shopping for new siding. The number of options to choose from can be daunting to those new to the game, but don’t worry. The James Hardie siding is considered to be the best pick of the market due to its quality and longevity.

Though homeowners can easily contact customer representatives at US Quality Construction, it helps to have a list of the common customer queries at hand. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions by homeowners regarding the James "Hardie Board Siding". Hope these help you make the most of James Hardie siding and enjoy how the final results make your home more comfortable.

11 Commonly Asked Questions Regarding James Hardie Siding

1. Is James Hardie Siding Expensive?

James Hardie siding costs less than brick and synthetic stucco siding. The total depends on the size of your home and the labor required to install the siding. Though the prices vary from market to market, James Hardie siding is considered affordable by many homeowners in Kansas.

2. Does James Hardie Siding Last Long?

One of the main characteristics of James Hardie siding is that it has a long life. Considering how the James Hardie siding is waterproof and resistant to fire, heat, pests, and termites, it typically lasts for about 50 years. Rigorous testing has proved that James Hardie products are great for long-term projects due to their resistance for moisture retention, fade resistance, fire resistance, etc.

3. Is the James Hardie Siding suited to the weather in Kansas?

The weather at Kansas is extremely temperamental as the state receives hail and rain, as well as hot sun throughout the year. The James Hardie siding is suited for Kansas weather due to its hardy nature engineered particularly for the regions extreme climate.

4. How easy is the Maintenance of the James Hardie Siding?

The maintenance for James Hardie siding is much easier than taking care of wood siding. The combination of a garden hose and a soft nylon brush is enough to clear off any dirt on the surface of the siding. Moreover, you would only need to clean the siding once or twice each year.

5. Will the Color stay on the James Hardie Siding?

James Hardie Siding boast a general longevity. Since the siding and trim products are treated, their color is able to withstand long years in the extreme Kansas climate. The products are either pre-primed at the factory or are given a baked-on color option. Interestingly, you can pick the color you like to help your house represent your personality throughout the years. The fade-resistant nature of the James Hardie siding ensures your house look as fresh as it looked originally.

6. Is it Possible to get a Cost Estimate for a James Hardie Replacement Siding?

Many people don’t realize that they can easily avail the facility of asking for a rough estimate for a James Hardie siding. All you need to do is simply contact the nearest James Hardie customer care representative or a professional contractor to get the digits you need. The aforementioned professionals are trained to provide you with guidance for selection, while keeping your budget in mind.

7. Can I Check if a Siding Option Suits my Home?

One of the most interesting features offered by James Hardie is the option to give customers the chance to visualize their products on their homes. The online tool on the James Hardie website would help potential customers evaluate if a certain color or material would look good on their house. You will also be able to digitally put on different colors and styles on your house to find the ideal one. For people who have difficulty imagining what their house would look like in a certain siding style or color, this online tool can be a godsend.

8. What if I Have a Modern Home?

Many people incorrectly associate siding to old houses. The new James Hardie siding collection makes sure that there are contemporary styles, colors and options, fit for modern houses. Creative homeowners and architects are thrilled to find their ability to modernize and customize their homes is facilitated by the options provided by James Hardie.

9. Do James Hardie Siding come with a Warranty?

James Hardie provides its customers with a solid warranty for its products, highlighting its consideration to serving its customers. The typical James Hardie siding products have a non-prorated, 30-year warranty, while the company’s trim products have a 15-year warranty. Professional contractors associated with the James Hardie Company make sure that the products installed comply with the company’s rigorous standards.

10. What happens to the Siding if there is a Fire?

One of the main perks of opting for James Hardie products is that they are made of noncombustible materials. The company makes siding from fiber cement, which is made up of a combination of cellulose fibers, sand, and cement. These materials ensure the finished product is heat and fire-resistant, giving it a guaranteed protection against such damage. This trait might even help you lower your home insurance costs.

11. What materials are suited for the Trim next to the James Hardie Siding?

Choosing a complimentary material for adjoining trim can be challenging. The best materials for the surrounding trim include vinyl, real or engineered wood, and fiber cement. Moreover, experts believe that corrosion-resistant aluminum is also an excellent choice as it can match the longevity of the siding material itself.

Hire the Best James Hardie Siding Contractors Near You

A siding replacement can make or break the value of a house. When getting a new siding or replacing an existing one, it is a good idea to invest in a skilled professional siding company near you. US Quality Construction are expert siding contractors who will guide you through the selection process and help you find the best siding for your needs.

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