Choosing the right type of siding for your home can seem overwhelming when you’re being made to choose between wood and vinyl. These are two of the most popular siding options.

Most homeowners would go for something that’s either cheap or aesthetically pleasing. While both of these are valid factors to consider, the most important factor would be durability. This factor coincidentally is something that both wood and vinyl siding lack in.

The solution? James Hardie Siding. James Hardie is a popular name in the world of home improvement particularly when it comes to siding options. Their trademarked Hardie Siding is a fiber cement siding solution designed to tackle several issues faced with traditional siding options.

Choosing The Right Kind of Siding

At US Quality Construction, we recognize just how important siding can be. Siding is quite literally one of the first things people notice about homes. They come in various colors and sizes and are made to be as durable as possible.

You might have noticed a few instances when the siding of a house starts coming off from various parts of the property.

These instances might be because of exposure to water, insect infestations, poor installations, and even the hot climate. And these are just to name a few! Choosing the right type of siding is integral to keeping your home looking its best. Good siding can alsoprotect your home from harsh climates and other factors.

Why James Hardie Siding?

The James Hardie Company offers fiber cement home renovating solutions that includes their trademarked Hardie Board Siding. The product is a step above traditional wood or vinyl siding in two aspects namely its low maintenance, and its longevity and durability.

The Hardie Board Siding is a fiber cement siding that is composed of a combination of natural cellulose, cement, and finely grounded sand.

1. Curb Appeal

James Hardie siding mimics the appearance of true wood, but has enhanced strength. The siding offers the same finish as natural wood and therefore allows for more curb appeal compared to other commercially produced siding options - even vinyl. The James Hardie Company also allows several customizable features and options for homeowners to choose from included pre-painted colored siding options.

Home improvements don’t just increase the living spaces’ curb appeal, but also adds onto the homes’ resale value. Think of Hardie Board Siding as an investment that can pay off for itself if the house sells because most potential homeowners would be looking towards buying a house with top notch materials.

2. Fire Resistance

An important factor to consider when choosing siding options for your home is to look for something that can withstand extreme weather conditions. It doesn’t matter if your home is situated in an area with usually pleasant weather, preparing for anything is what differentiates a smart homeowner from a careless one.

Fire resistance and heat protection are important elements to consider especially when it comes to siding since it provides the outermost layering of the home.

Vinyl and aluminum siding can melt when exposed to higher temperatures. This makes Hardie Board siding a noncombustible solution that has been approved for fire-rated construction projects.

Hardie Board siding is composed of 90% cement and sand which makes it a safer option than vinyl siding. Vinyl can melt when subjected to warm temperatures and can catch fire under hotter temperatures.

3. Warranty

An enticing feature for home improvement accessories is the warranty that the company offers for them. The warranty isn’t just a great fall back option for the homeowners, but it also proves testament to the company’s assurance that their product will not fail.

James Hardie offers a 30-year, non-prorated, transferable warranty for their siding options. The warranty is applicable for damages and defects with the siding itself and not damages incurred during installation.

With regards to the latter, US Quality Construction’s team makes sure that your home improvement installations are carried out in the best manner possible. We aim at avoiding any unnecessary hammering, nailing, or gluing to give you the best value for money in labor and accessories.

4. Durability

Wood siding is easily corroded or eaten away at by insects. Wood isn’t the most durable option when it comes to siding, although it is one of the more attractive options.

Vinyl, on the other hand, is more economical than wood. However, vinyl is subjected to damage such as denting or melting. Hardie Board siding combines the good properties of both wood and vinyl without retaining any of their shortcomings.

The siding is made to mimic wood as closely as possible to give significant curb appeal, and made durable enough to last for years. The fiber cement siding is made to stand against extreme weather conditions and its thickness resists denting and scratches.

Hardie Board Siding is constructed to resist a variety of conditions including radiation damage, heavy rainfall, extreme temperatures, and humidity.

5. Low Maintenance

Once you install a feature into your home, the last thing you would want to do is to constantly be looking over to see if it’s still functioning properly.

Since siding covers the entire periphery of your home, you can’t just walk over and look at every piece to inspect any damages incurred. It wouldn’t be practical.

Luckily, Hardie Siding is made to be as durable as it can and therefore also as low maintenance as siding should be. This also decreases home insurance costs. Since Hardie Board siding is resistant to damage and heat protected, it can significantly decrease your home insurance costs.

6. Cost

Hardie Board siding can cost around $0.70 to $5.35 per square footage. The total cost therefore lies between $5000 and $13,000. This, understandably, depends on the amount of siding that you need and the additional fees for equipment used.


US Quality Construction aims at streamlining the cumbersome home improvement project for homeowners by giving them some great options. One of our top picks would be Hardie board siding as it is low maintenance and long lasting. Moreover, it combines the ideal properties of both wood and vinyl siding, without retaining any of their shortcomings.

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