Does your siding look sad and drab? If so, you're probably faced with decisions about repairing or replacing it.

Should you go with steel, vinyl, or T1-11 siding?

And how much will all of this cost?

The choices can seem overwhelming. With a little research and some good information, you can find the right siding material and the right siding contractors to install it. Keep reading to find out more about the benefits of T1-11 siding.

What Is T1-11 Siding?

T1-11 siding gained popularity in the 1960s. In the following two decades, it continued to be widely used on new and existing homes in the US.

T1-11 siding is made from wood particles that have been compressed together. After processing, the siding is textured to get a channeled or grooved look. The "T" in T1-11 actually stands for textured.

Plywood vs. OSB

There are two main types of T1-11 siding. OSB and Plywood siding. Plywood siding, as the name states, is made from plywood materials. Generally speaking, it stands up better to outdoor elements.

Plywood T1-11 siding can be easily primed or painted. It's available in rough-hewn or smooth texture as well. The texture differences don't affect quality. Most homeowners just select the texture that fits their preferences and style.

OSB stands for Oriented Side Board. This type of T1-11 siding is created by melding wood flakes together. OSB T1-11 siding looks similar to plywood. The differences in quality are apparent over time.

OSB siding doesn't stand up to water exposure as well as treated plywood. Moisture can seep in between the melted wood seams and break the siding down. This can cause pain peeling and cracks in the siding.

T1-11 Siding Pros and Cons

No siding material is perfect, but each has its own advantages and disadvantages. The pros and cons of T1-11 siding depend on location and installation. No matter where you live, here are some general pros and cons of T1-11 siding.


T1-11 is a versatile siding that can fit many different styles. Shiplap, clapboard, board and batten, and basic grooved boards can all be created by cutting and designing T1-11 siding. It's compatible with almost any paint or stain.

Many other types of siding require special tools to cut. T1-11 siding is cut using basic carpentry tools. The everyday handyperson can use T1-11 siding to create sheds, dog houses, playhouses, and other smaller-scale projects at home without buying extra equipment.

T1-11 siding is also easier to replace than other types of siding. Oftentimes, suppliers sell it in 4ft x 8ft or 4ft x 6ft panels. If one panel needs replacing, simply install one section rather than the entire home's siding.


Those looking for an affordable siding option should check out T1-11 siding. Even with rising lumber prices, T1-11 siding cost is less expensive than vinyl, stucco, brick, and other popular options. The average price for installation is $3.50 to $7.20 per square foot. 

Current prices may fluctuate quite a bit depending on supply and labor availability and cost.


T1-11 siding is a higher maintenance siding. Homeowners need to be willing to do some paint scraping and touch-ups as their T1-11 siding ages.

Any type of wood siding is more susceptible to damage by creatures. Woodpeckers, termites, and other vermin can chew through T1-11 siding much easier than other materials.

T1-11 siding is more likely to catch fire than other materials. Although it should be treated, any wood-type materials will catch fire easier than other types of siding.

Water Damage

The biggest issue with T1-11 siding is how susceptible it is to water damage. Rain, snow, and humid conditions can cause problems over time, like wood rot. Water and moisture can seep through cracks in the siding.

These issues are sometimes compounded if left to continue over time. Mold growth, cracking, and corrosion are the results of untreated water damage. This can seriously affect your home's curb appeal.

Water damage like mold can cause health problems for you and your family. If there's unfixed wood rot, water and moisture could be getting further into your home.

It's very important to have professionals install your T1-11 siding to safeguard against water damage. Homeowners should also regularly check their T1-11 siding for signs of wood rot. If any water leaking or retention is detected, call professionals to take a look right away.

Installation Matters

When it's time to repair or replace your siding, T1-11 material is a great option. It's relatively easy to design and cut for almost any home style. It's easy to cut using everyday tools.

T1-11 siding is customizable to any color or stain as well. If you don't like the idea of upkeep, T1-11 siding may not be a good fit for you. T1-11 is also more susceptible to fire and water damage than other siding materials.

If you've decided to use T1-11 siding on your home, it's important to contact a professional installer. Professionals will make sure you're boards are in good shape before installing them. You can also ask for your T1-11 siding panels to be fire retardant treated.

Beware of companies that offer instant quotes at very low rates. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Companies with extremely low costs often provide lower-quality craftsmanship. This will cost you in the end with damage and repairs to get the job done right.

Find the Right Installers

Before you book that T1-11 siding job, shop around for the best contractors. Make sure you're dealing with someone who has experience and knowledge of how to install siding. You should have a list of questions to ask including:

  1. How long have you been serving our area?
  2. Can I have some client references?
  3. Do you guarantee your work with a warranty or something similar?
  4. What will this cost when you're all done?
  5. Do you have a clean-up process? If so, what is it?

At US Quality Construction, we continue our family-owned and operated legacy of quality siding installation. Honesty, integrity, and a job well done are important to us. That's why you'll never see a subcontractor show up at your door.

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