When people buy a house, they often take the home siding into account. For many people, siding matters because of its looks. They want a siding choice that gives the house a beautiful appearance. 

As it turns out, siding has several other critical uses. Your siding material works to keep outside air from infiltrating your home. In doing so, it keeps your house at an even temperature.

Siding also helps keep unwanted pests out of your home. However, different siding options perform at varying levels from one another. That's why people often need a siding contractor who can explain which type of siding is the best.

In this siding review, we'll explore the benefits of LP SmartSide siding. This option has many fascinating features that make it worth considering for your home. 

What is LP SmartSide?

This product is what an LP siding contractor would call an "engineered wood siding." What does that mean, exactly? The short answer is that it's not entirely natural. 

Manufacturers engineer this wood through a series of processes. First, they place raw lumber in a wood chipper. When the chipper finishes, the engineers have strands that are nearly identical in shape and size. 

Next, they run these wood strands through a mixing machine that coats the strand surfaces with a mixture of products. Typically, these include waxes, resins, and perhaps most important, Zinc Borate. This final ingredient helps preserve the final product from rot and termite infestations.

After the coating takes place, these wood strands become interwoven into a loose yet durable set of strands. From here, the new strands enter a press that gives the engineered siding a wood-like finish on its surface. It also compresses and binds the material into a single board of siding. 

What does all of this mean for your home siding? In short, it produces a durable, aesthetically pleasing material that resists natural damagers like bugs and weathering. If you want a wood siding look with the risks wood can bring, this siding is perfect for you.

LP SmartSide Offers Several Customization Options

One of the unique features of LP's work is that it doesn't have a manufacturer's finish or stain option. Instead, LP sells their unfinished siding to a set of prefinishers who put the finish coat on the material. Once they've done so, the siding goes on sale at retail price. 

This approach may seem somewhat inefficient. If you think so, don't worry; several LP competitors don't use the approach for that very reason. So, the question becomes, why would LP use this process?

The answer is because it produces a wide range of color options that suit many styles of homes. Some of LPs' trusted prefinishers include such groups as Diamond Kote, Coastal Coatings, and PSPI. Each of these groups offers a unique look that you won't find elsewhere on the market. 

Typically, this engineered siding comes in a few standard options. One of the most popular is its cedar texture lap siding, which looks nearly identical to cedarwood. 

Another popular choice is its colonial beaded style. This style is an American way of siding that uses drip lines to project sharp shadows from your walls. Usually, this beaded look comes with either a smooth or sequoia texture. 

In recent years, shiplap siding has become a popular choice for many homeowners. LP SmartSide offers its bold profile siding to fit that niche, as this siding resembles shiplap.

The Cost of LP SmartSide

After you factor in material and installation costs, the average LP SmartSide price is approximately $9 per square foot. However, the price can range between $5 and $12. Several factors can influence the cost of this material.

However, many findings demonstrate a desirable ROI for SmartSide costs. The standard range of LP SmartSide ROI usually falls between 80% and 90%. 

If you love a fun DIY project, there are pre-primed SmartSide panels that you can purchase for cheaper costs. However, once you pay for your finish and installation materials, you may offset the savings you'd otherwise get. 

Another desirable feature of this wood siding is its low-maintenance nature. It doesn't cost much to keep this siding well-maintained; usually, it's enough to rinse any buildup off with a garden hose and sponge. 

As a side note, avoid pressure washing this siding. Doing so could lead to moisture intrusion or discoloration, as the high water pressure causes damage to the paint. 

Examining the Warranty

At first sight, the warranty LP offers seems promising. The standard warranty lasts for up to 50 years, with 100% of damages or defects covered for the first five years. With each year after year six, your coverage drops by 2.2% until the warranty runs out.

The downside comes from this five-year time limit. Because of the steady decline in coverage after year five, damage that occurs later may not have protection. For instance, if damage were to occur in year 10, it would only have 89% coverage. 

Furthermore, if you live in the Pacific Northwest or Alaska, you'll find that the warranty does not cover your location. The heavy rain and constant humidity in these regions make it difficult to cover this siding here. 

A Few Cons to LP SmartSide Wood Siding

While LP SmartSide has several significant advantages, it does have a few disadvantages to contend with. First, because of its wood components, the material is more susceptible to catching fire. 

Fortunately, the other downsides aren't so dire. These primarily involve the paint job on the siding. Because LP SmartSide outsources its wood finishes to other groups, it can occasionally cause a low-quality finish. 

A poorly applied coating is more likely to flake. Another issue is that this siding often needs repainting. The frequency of this varies, but it usually happens between 3-10 years.

Find a Capable Siding Contractor For Installation

While LP SmartSide has a few disadvantages, overall, it's an excellent siding choice for efficiency and aesthetics. All you need now is a siding contractor to help you install it.

To that end, contact us today! We have the experience to tackle any contracting needs you may have, from siding installation to replacement windows



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