Are you into DIY or professional building, and in search of the perfect composite deck screws for your project? Look no further, as this guide will help you navigate through the myriad options available in the market. Here, we reveal a wealth of detail over the top composite deck screws, their benefits and how to make a selection that's impeccably tailored for your project. So, let’s dive right into it.

Understanding Composite Deck Screws: An Overview

The world of composite deck screws is diverse and loaded with a variety of options. But first, you might wonder, what exactly are composite deck screws? Composite deck screws are made with a special design that helps them perform their primary job: securing composite deck boards in place. This small yet vital part of any decking project boasts several advanced features like reverse threads, non-threaded sections, and extra sharp point designs that avoid mushrooming and promote a clean finish for your is deck.

Key Benefits of using Composite Deck Screws

Composite deck screws offer a wealth of advantages over regular wood deck screws. They're corrosion-resistant and feature a colored head to blend with your deck material seamlessly. These screws secure the decking to the joist in a way that reduces the possibility of any sort of splitting or cracking. Other key benefits include improved aesthetics and lower maintenance for your composite deck.

Nailed it vs. Screwed it: The Everlasting Debate

Are you torn between using nails or screws for your deck? Here's a fact: composite deck screws offer a firm, long-lasting grip. Unlike nails, screws are unlikely to pop up over time, leading to a safer and longer-lasting deck. When it comes to composite decking, using the right screw makes a significant difference, making the nailed it vs. screwed it debate a no-brainer.

Choosing the Right Composite Deck Screws

Now to the crux of the matter, selecting the best composite deck screw for your project. Here's a list of features you should consider while choosing the right screw:

  • Material: Look for screws that are corrosion-resistant, rust-proof, and ready to withstand the harshest weather condition. Common material options include stainless steel and coated steel.
  • Color: Variety in color options follows the unique range of composite deck boards. Choose screws with colors that blend well with your decking.
  • Length: Some projects require longer screws, while others call for shorter. Make sure you're aware of the right screw length for your project.
  • Drive style: Screws come in various styles, like square drive, star drive, or Phillips head. Your choice will depend on the tools you have available and personal preference.

Top Picks – Best Composite Deck Screws in the Market

The market surges with various brands and models of composite deck screws. Some of the best picks include the GRK, Deck Plus, and the FastenMaster's TrapEase III; all loved by DIY enthusiasts and professionals alike for their superior performance. Involve in thorough research and scrutinize customer reviews before making your choice.

How to Install Composite Deck Screws

Proper installation of composite deck screws is crucial for the longevity of your decking. It's advisable to pre-drill a hole that's 80-100% the length of your screw. This way, you reduce the risk of splitting or cracking your composite deck board.

To wrap up, selecting and installing the right composite deck screws can be a walk in the park with the right information. By considering the factors laid out in this guide, you're several steps ahead in your journey to picking the perfect composite deck screws for your project. Do remember, the bottom line is to feel assured with your choice, so your completed deck is slated to meet and, hopefully, exceed your expectations.

Frequently Asked Questions about Composite Deck Screws

1. How are Composite Deck Screws Different from Regular Screws?

Unlike traditional screws, composite deck screws are engineered to resist corrosion and rust as they are typically exposed to varying weather conditions. They also often have unique features like reverse threads to help pull the decking and the joist together, and ribbed heads to provide a clean, flush finish.

2. What Size of Composite Deck Screws Might I Need?

The size of the composite deck screws required mostly depends on the thickness of your decking. A general rule of thumb is to use screws that are approximately twice the thickness of your decking material for reliable durability. Usually, screw sizes range from 1 inch to 3.5 inches.

3. When Should I Use Composite Deck Screws?

You should use composite deck screws when you're installing composite decking material. Their design and functionality are optimized for this purpose, ensuring the longevity and stability of your deck.

4. Are Composite Deck Screws Worth the Extra Cost?

Yes, composite deck screws are widely considered to be worth the extra cost, especially in the long-run. The investment in these screws can save you time and effort in deck maintenance, prevent costly damage, and extend the life of your composite decking.

5. Where Can I Purchase Composite Deck Screws?

Composite deck screws can be found in most stores that sell building materials, including online platforms such as Amazon, Home Depot, and Lowe's. You may also find them in local stores specializing in decking or building supplies.

6. Can I Use Regular Screws in My Composite Deck?

While you can technically use regular screws with composite decking, it is not recommended. Regular screws may cause issues such as rust or not securing the deck adequately. Thus, it's advised to opt for composite screws specially designed and built for this purpose.

7. Do Composite Deck Screws Come in Different Colors?

Yes, composite deck screws typically come in a variety of colors, to closely match the color of your composite decking material. This allows the screws to blend seamlessly with your deck, thereby providing a clean, appealing finish.

8. How Many Composite Deck Screws Do I Need?

The number of screws you need largely depends on the size of your deck, spacing of your deck boards, and the distance between your joists. As a general rule, you should prepare around 350 screws for every 100 square feet of decking.

9. How to Install Composite Deck Screws?

First, pre-drill holes to avoid splitting the deck boards, then drive the screws in, using a bit provided with your screws, or a standard bit if one wasn't supplied. Tighten until the head is flush with the board, taking care not to over-tighten and strip the hole.

How to Remove Composite Deck Screws

Removing composite deck screws might seem daunting if you're unfamiliar with the process, but it's a task you can definitely handle yourself with the right tools and a bit of patience.

Required Tools

Before you proceed with removing composite deck screws, you'll need to prepare some tools. A drill with variable speed and reverse functions is crucial. You'll also need screwdriver bits that fit the heads of the screws. A pair of pliers might be handy for removing stubborn screws. For safety, always have protective gloves and safety glasses.

Inspect the Deck for Damage

Inspect the deck carefully to identify any damaged areas around the screws. Damaged wood or composite material can complicate screw removal.

Reverse Drill to Remove Screws

To remove the deck screw, place the screwdriver bit into the head of the screw. Use a reverse or counterclockwise drill setting. Apply steady pressure on the drill and start on a slow speed. Try to keep the drill bit in line with the screw to avoid stripping the screw head.

Stripped Screws

If the screw head is stripped or damaged, it becomes much harder to remove. You might need to use a specialized stripped screw removal tool or a technique called drilling out. This involves drilling a small hole into the center of the damaged screw, then using a screw extractor to remove it.

Dealing with Stubborn Screws

Some screws may be stubborn due to rust or getting bound in the material. In such cases, applying a bit of penetrating oil around the screw can help. Allow the oil to work for a few minutes before you try removing the screw again.

Professional Assistance

If you feel this job is too time-consuming or complicated, don't hesitate to call a professional. Whether your service needs involve screw removal, deck repairs, or full home remodeling, experts in the field can ensure the job is done efficiently and safely, saving you time and stress. Remember, while DIY can save you money, certain tasks should be left to professionals. It's important to know your limits and call in the pros when needed.


Therefore, if you are looking for durability and less maintenance, composite deck screws are a good choice. These screws are specifically designed to resist corrosion and ensure a strong, stable structure. Their special design can add to the overall aesthetic appeal of your deck, making them not only functional but also adding an extra touch of style.

When considering the type of screws to use when constructing your deck, composite deck screws should be your go-to. These are not just regular screws, they're made to counteract the common problems encountered with decking materials such as splitting wood or rusting. They are the very definition of 'doing it right the first time' as you’ll reap the benefits for years to come.

Overall, while generic screws may be more cost effective in the short term, investing in composite deck screws will likely prove wiser in the long run. They'll save you the cost and hassle of repeated repairs or potential replacements. And of course, they offer peace of mind - knowing that your deck is securely put together using the best materials on the market.

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